Oral fixation…

Sitting on the bed listening to my friend talk, lollipop in my mouth and all I can think of is how Sir’s cock felt in my mouth yesterday morning.

I sit here wishing it was Sir’s cock in my mouth. I want to feel his hardness. I want to feel his hand on the back of my head, holding me down as he pushes his cock in further. I want to feel his cum as it hits the back of my throat.
I take a few pictures. I hope they have the desired effect. I send them to Sir.

My mind wanders back to when Sir was finger fucking me this morning. We had met at our usual spot. Again I sat blindfolded and waited for Sir to appear at my window. He says hello and I can’t help but smile. He takes my hand and leads me away from my car. He hasn’t said a word yet as to what he has planned for this encounter. But I follow his lead without questioning. I trust he will not put me in harms way. Not to say I wasn’t the least bit curious…

We stop by his truck and he tells me to stay. I stood there wondering if we were going for a drive. He helps me up into the passenger seat. He tells me to sit all the way back. He lowers the backrest and grabs my hands and lifts them above my head.
He binds my right wrist. My pulse quickens. He then binds the left. My pussy tingles. I am restrained. Bound to the headrest. I still have no idea what Sir’s intentions are. I am so turned on.

I feel Sir’s hand. Down my pants, teasing my clit, then his fingers find their way into my wet pussy. He is asking me about my friend’s response to me telling her about Sir. The first few sentences are easily formed. As the speed and intensity of Sir’s fingers teasing and fucking my pussy increases, the ability to form coherent sentences starts to disappear.

I hear Sir prompting me to continue. Yes, Sir. I am trying Sir.
I manage. Distracted as I was, it was probably not my finest storytelling moment…

I feel a vibe on my clit. The combined effect of Sir’s fingers and the vibe have me so close. I remember thinking how much I was enjoying Sir playing with me.
It felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop. Unable to move my hands, eyes blindfolded…
Sir brings me to orgasm with a hand on my neck and his fingers in my pussy.

He unbinds my hands and tells me to sit up. I can feel the wetness between my legs. He places my vibrator in my right hand and takes my left hand and places it on his cock. I am to make myself cum while working his cock. As my hand moves up and down his shaft, my vibe is on my clit bringing me closer and closer.
I then hear the words, come here. Suck my cock. Yes, Sir. My pleasure.

Mmmmmm. His cock is hard. I love pleasing Sir with my mouth. I feel his shaft hit the back of my throat. I try not to gag. But at the same time the thought of some messy head is a turn on. Eyes streaming, saliva flowing as Sir’s cock goes further and deeper…losing the ability to breathe, senses on full alert. Mind entering that place I crave and need.
I want to use my hands and I reach for his balls. As I am reaching with my hands, I hesitate slightly. I am not sure if Sir wants me to touch him with anything other than my mouth while servicing him. I debate stopping and asking him but I take a chance and continue on. My hands are met with a sigh of pleasure. I relax and continue.

I am pleased that Sir seems to be enjoying my oral skills. I know that I am enjoying the feel of his cock on my lips and tongue. I can feel Sir getting closer and closer to release. His hand is on my head again and he pushes me down further on his cock. And as it hits the back of my throat, I feel his release start. His cum is warm as it slides down my throat. I do my best to clean up every drop. I sit up, lick my lips and smile. Yum.

Sir compliments me on my oral skills. He asks if I had a good teacher… Thank you Sir. I sit there for a moment and wonder what he would think of if I responded with I had a great teacher Sir…
Cosmopolitan lol my guilty pleasure… I like reading up on what they claim to be new techniques. And simply enjoying what you’re doing makes a world of difference….

I hear Sir’s zipper. His door opens and he makes his way to my side. He helps me out and guides me back to my car. He holds me close and kisses me. It feels so good to feel his arms around me. he tells me that I am a good girl.

Sir opens my door and sits me down. He leans in and kisses me goodbye. He leaves. I wait until I no longer hear his truck. I remove the blindfold and start my car.

I sit at the road waiting for traffic to go by. I wonder if anyone questions a car turning out of this dirt road. I feel like there’s this huge neon sign above my car that flashes and reads “just gave head”….
I make my way back into town with a smile.


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